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Our purpose is to encourage and support homeschooling families by providing a variety of supplemental courses for grades 6-12, which meet once or twice per week. We recognize the demands of home education and the sacrifice parents make in choosing to homeschool. Our desire is that participation in this program will yield academic, social, and spiritual growth in participating students as we support families in this challenging task.


Our program is designed to be a meeting place for homeschooling parents and independent teachers interested in supplementing home education with their classroom expertise. Our teachers are independent contractors supporting families with their services. Parents are encouraged to incorporate CHA into their total homeschool program.  


Our program is not a school, and does not provide legal covering for homeschooling, nor do we guarantee that participation in the program will ensure any measurable academic results. Parents and/or legal guardians of students in our program remain wholly responsible for the academic progress of their children. The program is not designed to provide a complete educational experience, nor to substitute for home instruction, but to supplement the work being done at home by parents.


It is important for all parents to remember that CHA was not designed as a replacement for home education. We do not recommend that families simply enroll students in our courses and consider that a complete education. Please see CHA as it was designed—as a supplemental part of your homeschool.


Because we are not an accredited institution, and because all CHA students are legally considered homeschoolers, our authority is limited and dependent on the support and cooperation of parents. What that means is that parents, not CHA teachers are legally empowered to assign course grades, grant credits and determine graduation requirements. It is customary and greatly encouraged, however, that parents accept the grades and credits earned in CHA classrooms. 

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