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Systematic Theology:                                    Teacher:  Mr. Eric Hughes                   

"We have a treasure in our hands! The Bible is the revelation of God to us and in it we find out what God is like, how salvation has come to the world and how we should think and live given the reign of God over our lives.  In Systematic Theology, we will learn about different topics like Scripture, the attributes of God, Man and Sin, Jesus and the atonement, salvation, the church, and the future. This Bible class is for any who would like to learn what the entire Bible says about these subjects and more, and our goal is to know more about God and His ways through this class.”

Grades: 9-12      Monthly Tuition: $40      Tuesday (In the church office conference room) 

​Texts: 50 Core Truths of the Christian Faith: A Guide to Understanding and Teaching Theology      ISBN-13: 978-0801019128

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