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The general guidelines for dress are modesty, appropriateness, and neatness. Specifically, the following rules will be applied to all children:


  • Shorts are permitted, but must have a 4-inch inseam or longer.

  • Sleeveless shirts are permitted, but not tank tops or camisoles.

  • No crop tops or bare midriffs.

  • Undergarments should not be visible at any time (this goes for boys and girls).

  • Girls should be aware of necklines.

  • Yoga pants/leggings are not permitted, unless the top worn is mid-thigh or longer and is not tight and form-fitting.


We believe that modesty is a Christian virtue that we value highly. We ask that this issue be carefully monitored by parents. If a teacher or administrator deems a student’s dress inappropriate or distracting, the teacher will address the student privately or in such as way so as not to embarrass the student. The teacher will also involve parents, as necessary.

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