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MIDDLE SCHOOL WORLD HISTORY I                Teacher: Mr. and Mrs. Napier                                    

Why did the Egyptians build pyramids?  Who was Alexander the Great?  From the beginning of time to the fall of the Roman Empire, these questions and many more will be studied and discussed.  Map work and hands-on activities/projects will be incorporated.


Grades: 6-8         Monthly Tuition: $60      Tuesday/Thursday

Text:  The World’s Story 1-The Ancients (Student textbook only) by Angela O’Dell   ISBN-13: 978-1683440772

HIGH SCHOOL WORLD HISTORY I            Teacher:  Mr. and Mrs. Napier


Ancient History will be covered. 

Grades: 9-11      Monthly Tuition: $60     Tuesday/Thursday




HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY IV         Teacher:  Mr. Michael Napier


U.S. History and Government         


Grades: 11-12      Monthly Tuition: $60     Tuesday/Thursday

Text: American History, Combined Edition:1492-Present by Thomas S. Kidd   ISBN 978-1535982269

         Major Problems in American History Vol. I and II (1st Edition) 

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