MIDDLE SCHOOL WORLD HISTORY                Teacher: Mrs. Amy Orth                                    

What was the Enlightenment? How did World War I actually start? From the time of exploration to modern times, these questions and many more will be studied and discussed. Map work and hands-on activities/projects will be incorporated.


Grades: 6-8         Monthly Tuition: $60      Tuesday/Thursday

Required Text: The World's Story 3- The Modern Age (student textbook only) by Angela O'Dell  ISBN 13 978-1-69344-096-3

HIGH SCHOOL WORLD HISTORY III             Teacher:  Mr. Michael Napier


Exploration-Modern Times (1500's-Present)

Grades: 9-11      Monthly Tuition: $60     Tuesday/Thursday


Text: TBD


HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY IV                          Teacher:  Mr. Michael Napier


U.S. History and Government         


Grades: 11-12      Monthly Tuition: $60     Tuesday/Thursday

Text: American History, Combined Edition:1492-Present by Thomas S. Kidd   ISBN 978-1535982269