PRE-ALGEBRA                                            Teacher: Mrs. Tonya Lamb                          

Pre-Requisite: Placement test. (Student should have basic understanding of fractions, decimals and percents and be able to multiply and divide through 100 without a calculator)

Pre-algebra is recommended for use by 7th graders who plan to take Algebra 1 in 8th grade or by 8th graders who plan to take Algebra 1 in 9th grade. This course will cover the following: fractions, decimals, mixed numbers, signed numbers, order of operations, percent, proportions, ratios, unit conversion, scientific notation, angles, evaluation of algebraic expressions, simplification of algebraic expressions, polynomials, and the solution of linear equations in one unknown, and more.

ALGEBRA 1                                              Teacher: Mrs. Tonya Lamb                          


Prerequisite: Pre-Algebra 

This class will review concepts learned in pre-algebra, and go on to cover algebra concepts such as order of operations, evaluation of algebraic expressions, solving algebraic equations, factoring, exponents, rational expressions, polynomials, graphing linear equations, percent, square roots, systems of equations and the Pythagorean theorem.

Grade: 8-10       Monthly Tuition: $60      Tuesday/Thursday

Text: Saxon Algebra 1 - 3rd Edition ISBN 1-56577-134-6

Recommended: Solution Manual - 3rd Edition ISBN 1-56577-137-0

Supplies needed: Scientific calculator, A 1" 3 ring binder with loose leaf paper and graph paper 

FINANCIAL MATH                     Teacher: Mrs. Tonya Lamb                          

Prerequisite: Algebra I


Many students struggle to see the relevance of higher mathematics to their life. This course will be all about practical things. First, we start with a Biblical understanding of what God teaches in His word about money and possessions.  Students will participate in a classroom economy for the year, learn to keep a budget, learn about loans, interest rates, taxes, investments. There will be short introductions to statistics and economics included. Internet research with the ability to print out paperwork will be necessary for some of the homework and the student will have to do some field work, such as visiting grocery stores, to complete some of the assignments. Parental discussions with the student are highly recommended. Some of the material will be drawn from the Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance Course. Guest speakers are planned as well.

Grade: 10-12 (if finished with algebra 1)      Monthly Tuition: $60       Tuesday/Thursday

Text: All learning material and workbooks will be provided by the teacher. 

Supplies needed: Scientific calculator


ALGEBRA 2                                         Teacher: Mrs. Tonya Lamb                          

Prerequisite: Algebra I

Further study in algebra including: the study and evaluation of linear and quadratic functions, radicals and exponents, systems of equations, imaginary numbers, trigonometric functions, solving triangles, logarithms and applications. This course helps prepare students for success on SAT’s and ACT’s.  

Grade: 11      Monthly Tuition: $60    Tuesday/Thursday

Text: Saxon Algebra II, 3rd Edition  

Recommended: Solution Manual - 3rd Edition     

Supplies needed: Scientific calculator, A 1" 3 ring binder with loose leaf paper and graph paper