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The teachers at CHA work together to provide oversight to the students and the program. 



Payments are made directly to each teacher on a monthly basis. The amount due each month remains the same regardless of the number of class weeks in a given month. Payments should be placed in the teacher’s file folder at the school site. 


We strongly urge parents to use their bank's online bill pay system for tuition payments. Most of these programs are free and allow you to schedule monthly checks. Setting it up takes only a matter of minutes and checks are then sure to go out on time each month.



Payments are due on the first of each month. If payments are not deposited in the teacher's folder by the 7th of the month and prior arrangements have not been made with the teacher, please include a $10 late fee per class not per teacher.  We ask that the late fee be included voluntarily. The only exception is September tuition, which is due the first day of the school year. 


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