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Foreign Language 

SPANISH III and IV:                                    Teacher:  Mrs. Caryn del Castillo                 

This is a cumulative series of high school level Spanish language classes, each level meant to be a pre-requisite of the former.  This course will focus on second-language acquisition in a welcoming group setting; we will challenge ourselves to improve in all four language skills:  reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Each level will be theme-focused with a variety of resources and cultural aspects used to develop knowledge and usage of vocabulary, grammatical structure, and syntax.  Creative thinking and expression encouraged.  

Grades: 8-12      Monthly Tuition: $60      (via Zoom)

​Texts: Spanish 3  & 4 Text: Paso a Paso.  Level 2.  ISBN 978-0673216823.  Workbook only required. 

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