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If unacceptable behavior occurs, the following course of action will be followed:


1. The teacher will clearly and gently identify and explain to the student the inappropriateness of his behavior, and instruct him in the correct way to conduct himself.

2. If the student continues with the inappropriate behavior, the student will be asked to contact their parents to be picked up from class. The parents will be notified of the problem by the teacher and it will be the parents’ responsibility to correct the problem.

3. After the parents have attempted to correct the problem, the student will be permitted back into class the following week and will give an apology to the teacher and any other person whom they may have offended.


4. If a student needs to be removed from class more than once, a meeting will be arranged with both parents and the faculty. Suspension or removal from the program may be invoked.

5. Suspension will be a two-week removal from all classes, but payment for those classes will still be expected.

6. If upon returning from suspension, a student is removed again from any class, he will be removed from the program for the remainder of the program year. No refunds will be given for any part of payments made.


Note: The above procedures are guidelines to be used in most disciplinary cases. Depending on the seriousness of the offense, however, the faculty reserves the right to enforce immediate suspension and/or expulsion at their discretion.

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