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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not addressed here or on another page of our site, please use the form at the bottom to contact us.

Do you grant diplomas upon graduation?

No. Because all of our students are homeschooled, parents are the legal academic authority and are responsible for determining graduation requirements and for granting diplomas upon graduation.

We do, however, help parents of high school seniors in administrating an annual graduation ceremony where parents are able to publicly issue their dipomas.




Is CHA accredited?

No. No organization we are aware of accredits programs like ours. All our students are technically homeschoolers, and we offer supplemental instruction.

Do you offer classes for younger students?


Not many. CHA has always sought to supplement home education primarily for students as they get older, and as the content of various courses becomes more complex. For that reason, most of our classes are designed for students in 7th-12th grade. We do have a few options for 6th graders and the occasional bright 5th grader. Contact us by email if you have questions about younger students. 


What's your relationship with Redeemer Church?

CHA was origianlly started by Redeemer Church but is now an independent program which uses Redeemer Church building facilities. Some of the teachers and students attend Redeemer Church.


What's your relationship with Cougars basketball?

Cougars basketball is an independent program run by a board of directors, so there is no formal affiliation between CHA and the Cougars. On the other hand, we both use the same facility -- Redeemer Church -- and members of the faculty of CHA currently also serve on the Cougars board. Many CHA students play for the Cougars, though participation in the academy  is not a requirement for participation on the basketball teams, and vice-versa. Find out more info at


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