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CHA News 
Covid update:
We will be following the same policies we had in place last year:

COVID-19 MITIGATION PLAN:  We will be working closely with Redeemer Church to abide by any and all policies they develop for making the classrooms as safe and hygienic as possible. These are our current plans:

  • Students will need to wear masks when entering/exiting the building, while in the hallways, and when entering/leaving a classroom.

  • Students will not have to wear masks at their desks unless their parents desire them to do so.

  • Students will be physically distanced in the classroom (larger classes will use larger rooms).

  • Teachers will not have to wear masks while they teach at the front of the room. 

  • Tables will be disinfected by the teacher after each class. 

  • We may need to have 2 lunchrooms depending on the number of students. 

  • Students or staff with a temperature above 99.9 degrees F must stay home.

  • Parents must help be on alert for signs of illness in their children (fever, sore throat, cough, GI issues) and must keep them home when they are sick.

  • If the situation changes and stay-at-home mandates are put back in place, teachers will be prepared to teach online. 

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