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All students must be under the supervision of a teacher or study hall monitor throughout the school day. Students not enrolled in the program are not permitted on the premises unless special permission has been acquired.


Students may not linger in the halls between classes. This includes study halls.




Students may leave the premises of Redeemer Church only under the following circumstances:


  1.    Their school day is over and they do not expect to return.

  2.    Parents have arranged for transportation, and the student is not enrolled in a class or study hall.

Students may not be excused from study hall for any reason without written parental permission and then only as a rare exception. Students enrolled in a study hall are expected to be in attendance. We would like to minimize comings and goings during a school day for safety reasons.



Attendance by every student is expected for every class period. If an absence is anticipated, parents should notify teachers prior to the date of absence. If an illness or emergency should arise, please call, text, or email each teacher as soon as possible. No refunds will be made for absences. Any student who does not attend class three consecutive weeks without making arrangements with the teacher may be dropped from the class.




Students who are not in attendance for at least 75% of class meeting times for any semester will receive a failing grade for that marking period. Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances. 


All CHA teachers have been instructed to begin and end class on time. This will give students with consecutive classes several minutes to prepare for the ensuing class. It is very important for students to arrive on time, as latecomers inevitably miss important instruction and disrupt the learning process. If tardiness to class becomes habitual, it will be treated as a disciplinary matter (see Classroom Behavior below).




Students may not remain anywhere on the church premises without supervision during school hours. Students waiting for rides, should do so in the study hall room, which has windows facing the parking lot. 





The following behavior is unacceptable:


Disrespect: Students are required to be respectful to adults at all times. The student may not act in a way that communicates disrespect to any adult, whether in word, tone of voice, attitude, gesture, or action.


Misbehavior: Misbehavior consists of persistent talking, distracting others, not remaining seated, not following instructions or directions, violating policies in this manual, or otherwise disrupting the educational process.


Inappropriate Interaction:  Students are also expected to maintain a high level of respect in their behavior towards their classmates. All students will keep their hands to themselves. They may not belittle, mock, laugh at, name call, or display any thoughtless or unkind behavior toward their classmates. Public displays of affections between students will not be permitted in any way. 


Dishonesty: Lying, cheating, stealing, or any dishonest behavior will not be tolerated, and are grounds for immediate expulsion, at the discretion of the Faculty.


Skipping: Absenteeism without parental knowledge and/or permission is unacceptable and is grounds for immediate expulsion, at the discretion of the Faculty.

Possession of dangerous or illegal material: Under no circumstances should students be in possession of any weapon or potentially harmful substance. Possession of any material designed to harm another or any illegal substance is grounds for immediate expulsion, at the discretion of the Faculty. No knives of any kind will be allowed in lunch boxes.


Persistent bad attitude: Occasional displays of sinful attitudes will be addressed as the situation warrants, but a persistent display of counter-productive attitudes will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: defiance, apathy, sullenness, irritability, quarrelsomeness, hostility, and unkindness.


Profanity/inappropriate language: The use of profane or inappropriate language of any kind is unacceptable.


Vandalism: Defacing of church facilities will not be tolerated. This includes writing on tables and/or desks, even in pencil. Intentional mistreatment of facilities or materials is grounds for immediate expulsion, at the discretion of the Faculty.

Social Media:  Any negative or threatening comments made by a CHA student about the program, another student, or a teacher on social media may result in suspension or immediate expulsion. 

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