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WriteAtHome and CHA is an online writing instruction service founded by Brian Wasko, current Director of the Centerville

Homeschool Academy.


Brian worked as a high school English teacher in the Chesapeake Public School system from 1988 to 1999. During that

time, he began teaching at CHA (then HSEP) in the afternoons, providing a weekly high school writing course. When

Mr. Wasko transitioned out of a full-time ministry position in 2001, he used his experience with the CHA writing course

to create WriteAtHome -- an innovative service connecting homeschoolers to experienced online writing tutors called

writing coaches. Since then, WriteAtHome has served over 12,000 students around the world.


Because Mr. Wasko's time is limited and he cannot offer writing classes in addition to the literture classes, we recommend students in middle and high school enroll in a WriteAtHome class. Because of Mr. Wasko's association with both programs, WriteAtHome courses are offered at a significant discount.



Which WriteAtHome Course to Take?

We highly recommend enrolling students in an annual course (8-week workshops are also available, please contact Mr. Wasko if you do not want a full-year course). Because WriteAtHome courses are tutorial by design and writing coaches excell at working with students across a wide range of abilities, we suggest enrolling your student at grade level regardless of his or her current writing talent.


6th Grade: Middle School Composition 1                  9th Grade: High School Composition 1

7th Grade: Middle School Composiiton 2                 10th Grade: High School Composition 2

8th Grade: Middle School Composition 3                 11th Grade: High School Composition 3

                                                                                               12th Grade: High School Composition 4

How to Enroll in a WriteAtHome Course

Normally, enrollment takes place by customers simply on the WriteAtHome website, but in order to obtain the special monthly payment discount rate offered to CHA families, you must contact Brian Wasko with your enrollment requests using the form below.  You will need to fill out a new form for each enrolling student.


Watch this video for more on what WriteAtHome is all about!

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